Cookies Policy

Cookies allow at Villa Bianchini Riccardi to store and find informations.
A Cookie is a little text file which is sent by a web site and remains in a user browser, so that the web site can see the old activities of the user.
Cookies can expire at the of the session of navigation (when close the browser) or then a specific period of time.

Followings is the description of tecnology that we used and the steps you can take tp excluse you to these features:

1. Villa Bianchini Riccardi can allow of tecnologies of monitoring for analyze how the users meet the advertising on the web site.

2. Villa Bianchini Riccardi uses cookies for understand, analyze and improve the product. To do this we cooperate with esternal members like, for example Google Analytics, that in the same way analyze the cookies and other monitoring struments.

Every users can modifing the configuration of his/her browser so they don’t become a active cookies. It is in fact possible accept or refuse use of cookies directly the browser.

You can take more informations of cookies configuration through following links

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• For Google Chrome, click here
• For Safari, click here

If you use another browser, Villa Bianchini Riccardi recommends to verify different options of administration of cookies for those browser.